Managing an Adwords account for personal or business use can be a difficult and timely task. For many professionals managing large accounts can be difficult to stay on top of the your performance and production tasks.

Google has created many scripts to help with production and analysis. These scripts are rather easy to implement and the return on the insights gained from these scripts can have a huge impact on your account.

Best Adwords Scripts

  1. Ad Performance
  2. Link Checker
  3. Negative Keyword Conflicts
  4. Multi Bidder
  5. Keyword Performance

1. Ad Performance Script

This script will automatically pull the previous week ad copy performance and populate a google drive doc to review performance and optimize the ad copy that drive the best CTR.

I’ve found the implementation to be rather easy. You can copy the google drive template file and rename the file per the account you are using.

Copy the script into your google ads script section and change the spreadsheet url and recipient url.

Once this is complete you can run the script and evaluate ad performance!

Example Data pulled from the ad performance script

2. Link Checker Script

This script will automatically evaluate your account for broken url links and notify you of the source of the url.

This comes in handy especially if links break on high-traffic campaigns.

The set up is very similar to the ad performance script. Simply copy the code into the script section of Adwords. Make sure to add both the copy of the spreadsheet and recipient email.

I forgot to mention previously that Adwords will ask to authorize the script for use on the account. Simply click “authorize” and select your login email.

Once you have this set up you are ready to run the script! Notice that the spreadsheet template has a tab for “results”. You can find all the broken urls under results when the script is complete.

3. Negative Keyword Conflicts

This script is really underrated, many clients love to show me their elaborate documentation and strategy around monitoring and editing their negative keywords.

It is without a doubt that managing your negative keywords lists can be time consuming and difficult. This is even more so the case when dealing with large accounts with over 5k keywords!

What does the negative keyword conflict script do?

The script evaluates your account and returns back all the negative keywords that conflict with other keywords being bid on within your account.

Set up for the script is very straight forward. Similar to most scripts, using the template provided by google and authorizing the script will return the results in a new tab.

Screenshot of the negative keyword template provided by Google

4. Multi Bidder Script

This is a powerful script that can really ramp up overall account performance if you use this one effectively.

What does the script do?

The spreadsheet template that google provides enables this script to run against rules that are set within the spreadsheet.

Example: Find all campaigns that had a CTR > 10% and Clicks < 10 and increase the mobile campaign bids 10% without exceeding a $1.25

This script I’ve found to be effective with accounts that are particularly constraint by budget. For example, a client who has to spread their budget and is bidding within an industry with particularly high CPCs. By having setting rules that capitalize on days where demand may be low you can ensure the script will automatically adjust bids to capitalize on lower demand days.

Example of the Google Multi bidder template

5. Keyword Performance Script

The keyword performance script is great to get a high-level overview of your account’s keywords by quality score, rank, CTR, cost, and more.

It’s a good indicator of overall performance and could be used as a good all-in indicator for overall performance optimizations that are made based on keyword adjustments and ad improvements.

Example of overall average position and keyword totals

Similar to the other scripts mentioned above, simply authorize the script to run, input both the spreadsheet url and recipient email.

The script is recommended to be scheduled to run daily or weekly. I’ve seen interesting performance changes monitoring this script’s output after major changes to an accounts bidding or ad copy.

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