What is the best way to manage a Google Ads account?

Here we will go into detail of a few ways we could all practice to find the “best” way to manage a Google Ads account.

  1. Keeping accountable for you (or partner’s) performance
  2. Managing a paid search production calendar
  3. Opportunity areas and testing


In order to hold your team or your partner’s team accountability it is important to set a cadence for reporting.

How often are you review performance and what are you analyzing?

Areas to analyze:

  1. CPA (Cost per acquisition)
  2. Overall Search Volume & Impression Share
  3. Opportunity Areas (Increasing CTR, lowering CPCs, etc)

Google Ads Production Calendar

What is a production calendar?

A production calendar is a calendar that outlines the cadence and details of what is being conducted and when.

Although it may seem self explanatory a production calendar helps with a few key areas:

  1. It answers the question of “what is happening behind the scene?”
  2. It holds your performance accountable and to stay focused on active improvement. (The Google landscape is always changing and you want to remain competitive)
  3. It helps resourcing (If you are a part of a larger team and need to better delegate your tasks across multiple accounts.
Google Ads Production Calendar
Paid Search Production Calendar

Opportunity Areas

Opportunity areas can encompass a multitude of optimizations and strategy. The recommendation here is to outline areas that will help build on the existing KPIs that are outlined for the business.

The many paid search KPIs may revolve around an abundance of metrics that we measure to validate our marketing strategies each month.

They include:

  1. Click through rate
  2. Conversion rate
  3. Cost per click
  4. Impression Share

The key is to ensure that the metrics included and referenced month over month tell “the story” and make sense. Time and time again businesses overlook the importance of measure a consistent digital marketing story with their data.


I can not stress enough the importance of testing and iterating on an existing strategy. In the paid search landscape, testing will be the best way to further performance and get to the next level.

Common Google Ads Tests:

  1. Ad Copy Testing
  2. Bid Strategy Tests
  3. Dynamic Ad Copy Tests
  4. A/B Testing Bid Modifiers

All of the above are great beginnings to continue to push the narrative and build your Google Ads performance.

If you found this information helpful and would love to learn more please reach out!