What is the best Shopify migration?

Here are a few areas to consider working towards a complete migration to Shopify:

  1. Re-directing your site traffic
  2. Enabling all plug ins on the new theme and code
  3. Implementing new features and testing the new experience

Common reasons people move to Shopify:

  1. The platform provides an all in one e-commerce solution out of the box that is fast, reliable, and measurable
  2. They need to scale their existing site to a more robust platform to handle order volume.
  3. They are not ready to build a more custom solution for their e-commerce business and need a platform to test their new product.

The Shopify Migration Process:

When you begin to plan for your migration it is helpful to compile all the key components that allow your e-commerce business to run efficiently and effectively.

This may include the digital funnel (customer journey) and the steps it takes for a customer to buy a product on your existing site. Are there any custom solutions on the site that make your shopify migration critical to keep business running.

Once you have identified the key components, begin by setting up a shopify account to identify what currently exists within the platform and the potential scope to get everything set up.

Shopify migration apps for e-commerce sites
Example of Shopify Apps

After you have your scope of work cut out for you it’s time to get diffing into the new theme you would like to create.

Shopify offers may themes to help with your design process and development process. The platform inherently provides a much faster user experience to get a site build up and running. This makes for an easy Shopify migration.

shopify themes
Shopify offers themes for free and purchase

Once you have found a theme you like you can begin to edit and design the theme in your specific preferences.

This is also a great time to evaluate if there were any third party code that would need to be implemented into the site for your functionality to complete a purchase and fulfill the order.

When you have finalized the theme and have completed your design I would recommend to publish and run a test order to ensure all components and third party apps are fully functional.

This last step is crucial to ensure there are no pitfalls when customers begin to navigate and order from your site.

The shopify migration at this stage is close to completed. A final step to ensure the site is fully migrated would to ensure that all URLs are redirected to the new experience.

url redirects shopify
Shopify URL Redirects

The redirect feature for Shopify is located under the navigation section in the theme settings.

Once the site is fully redirected you can begin to update the new sitemap to Google Search Console. This will ensure that Google is indexing the new site and will be able to discover all of the new urls in your shopify experience.

These are all the key areas to cover during a migration to shopify. If you are curious to see an example of a recent migration we completed checkout Soho Motorsports.