John Mueller explains the importance of mobile-first indexing and the difference between mobile-first and “mobile friendliness”.

In an age where mobile devices are becoming more and more important we must all agree and think “mobile-first” when we consider our content creation, website design, and user experience.

In summary you should consider the following when trying to abide by Google Best Practices:

  1. Your mobile site should consider the same content as desktop
  2. Structured data should be on both versions of your site
  3. Meta data should be present on both desktop and mobile versions

Another recommendation for accomplishing whether you are consistent between mobile and desktop is to embrace responsive web design.

Responsive web design is a setup where the server send the same HTML code to all devices and CSS is leveraged to change the rendering of the page to fit that device.

This format is becoming more and more standard across the industry as companies rush to embrace both mobile-first indexing and great user experience.

If you are interested in hearing about John Mueller’s mobile first vs mobile friendliness, listen to his comments at 0:05:

John Mueller’s Mobile-First Indexing vs Mobile Friendliness

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