1. Automate Your Data Pull

It is important to schedule and automate the data you pull. Whether you are using excel or a business intelligence solution. Automating your data will help streamline the added time.

2. Identify the key visuals

Visual representation is very important and understanding which key data points are worth presenting will help streamline communication and productivity.

3. Creating the template

Having a template for different functions of your reporting will help streamline not just time but the ability to package your insights for further review. A package that is easy to share will have a lasting impact.

4. Identify the reocurrence

Knowing how often to report and analyze findings is key to making this use of time most effective. Over analyzing can lead to “analysis paralysis” and hinder productivity.

5. Engage your stakeholders

It is important that the content you produce doesn’t end up in the trash bin. Engaging your stakeholders and keeping them involved in the important and usefulness of the report is key to long term utilization.

5 steps to improve reporting.

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