There is no surprise that Google has become a necessity for many businesses looking to grow their conversions.

Whether you are shopping for new clothes, diagnosing a simple cold, or planning your next meal.

Google’s search results page has become the most important place for companies to capture their consumers.

How do we get more conversions in Google Ads?

There are three fundamental components to getting more conversions in Google Ads.

1. You can begin by investing more dollars towards high converting keywords. Depending on the available impression share this would be the most obvious lever to pull.

2. Maximizing your performance by improving the conversion rate of the landing page or experience you are sending traffic to. This would involve testing the session volume to your site and proving out whether the variables that were changed converted better than the previous.

3. You could continue to improve your existing keyword mix (the variations of long tail and short tail keywords). The analysis here is to identify if you are too heavily invested in high traffic keyword that do not convert.

In addition to some of these high level insights you could also begin to re-allocate low-performing spend to high performing campaigns. This would be a great idea for a business and account that does not have the addition dollars to ramp up spend.

The concept of active paid search management:

Growing your conversions is also half the battle. It is very important to actively managing your paid search account and continuously improving your spend efficiency.

This in turn will help provide the additional cash load to re-allocate to the campaigns that you want to capture more conversions which it turn could lead to reaching some of your business’s short term KPIs.