It is very important to consider what your account structure will be in Google Ads before launching an account.

What is account structure?

The account structure is the strategy and layout of your campaigns, ad groups, and keywords in Google Ads.

Having a very organized and structured account will help with a few key areas.

  1. KPIs and measuring business/marketing performance will be more efficient
  2. Budget allocation will be more concise and drive more actionable strategy
  3. Segmentation of your audiences and business will be more defined leading to more granularity in the data

Every agency and analyst may have a different methodology in regards to account structure.

My recommendation from prior experience has been to have a labeling structure with both your campaigns and ad groups that can begin to segment your campaign’s settings.

These include:

  1. Defining mobile and desktop specific campaigns
  2. Creating campaigns specific to geography
  3. Specifying campaigns by match type
Account Structure for Google Ads
Example of Account Structure for Google Ads

These core areas will help further structure campaigns by their intent which in turn will help segment data from the start.

This also will make for an easier reporting and analysis workflow.

It’s important to note that in the example here we are setting the ad group and keywords one to one.

This is done deliberately to improve both quality score and ad copy relevancy.

If you are able to provide a more cohesive ad and user experience this will help the overall performance of your ad groups and campaigns combined.

Over time optimizing keyword performance will become more fine tuned to each keyword making the data that you view at a glance within the interface both easier to digest and actionable.

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