Google ads editor is a bulk editing tool provided by Google to be able to make updating and implementing Google Ads campaigns much easier than leveraging the interface within your browser.

Once you have the ability to learn the tool, improving and editing your paid search campaigns will be a breeze!

Getting started with editor

Time needed: 3 hours.

Getting started with Google Ads Editor

  • Connect your Google Ads account to editor

    Click add account to start connecting your CID.
    google ads editor

  • Begin to audit your campaign settings

    Align the settings with your business objectives.

  • Audit your location targeting

    Analyze your location targeting.

  • Review all your current ad copy and extensions

    It is key to have at least three expanded text ads.
    ad copy example

Campaign Settings:

Notice that we can quickly begin to enable and disable key settings around search partners and display networks.

This view is very important when you begin to identify new campaigns that will be segmented by targeting device types.

While you are checking your setting make sure to review the current bid adjustments that may be active across your campaigns.

Keyword settings google ads editor
keywords and negative keyword lists

Recently added last month the new update to editor now allows users the ability to add negative keyword lists cross accounts.

Why is this important?

Originally you could not take lists and apply them across account in editor.

Now that they have made this change it makes it much easier to launch in new markets and campaigns by applying your lists much faster.

This is key to keeping your overall efficiency maintained when creating new campaigns in markets you have never been advertising within.

If you want to learn more about how to actively manage your paid search editor contact us today!

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