In 2019 the new addition of a store visit as a conversion metric for retail locations has began to take over.

What is a store visit?

A store visit is a conversion metric when a user clicks on an ad and visits your retail location.

Google Ads has begun to aggressively capitalize on providing better attribution to retail oriented businesses.

This push is a clear indication of the total market opportunity for businesses who previously did not see the value of Google Ads.

As paid search measurement evolves we will start to see a higher focus on measuring ROI for small businesses.

The Automotive Opportunity

When we view the potential for store visits in automotive dealerships it is clear that the ability to measure a store visit without clear sales attribution is a huge advancement.

Store visits help communicate in a similar language to what retail owners are accustomed to.

In the automotive world general managers are concerned by showroom visits.

The ability for their internal sales team to make a sale on the visits to their dealership is a key component to why measuring a store visit is so valuable.

As this metric evolves, Google will be able to continue to help improve the user journey for car shoppers.

In turn, dealerships will better allocate their marketing dollars to capitalize on more visits.

User searching for a business on google maps
User searching for a business on Google Maps

The Hospitality Opportunity

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to test the potential for store visits for a local restaurant in Charlotte, NC.

We realized that many restaurants in the area we not investing Google Ads. This fact inspired us to begin to invest with the intent to drive more store visits.

In the first month we drove 20% more traffic in-store and had the best weekend for the business in almost three years.

This profound learning helped further solidify that the opportunity to measure store visits would continue to improve our marketing efforts.

Many restaurant owners are not accustomed to understanding digital marketing. (This is my personal view)

However, with the addition of more comprehensive metrics business owners can clearly understand the value.

The Healthcare Opportunity

It’s clear scheduling a doctors appointment has never been so easy.

Providers and practices alike are shifting their methodology to capture new patients online.

The addition of store visits further validates an approach to capture data around a user’s interest.

In a recent study 51% of Google traffic does not click on ads. This stat further solidifies that users are opting to capture their information further up the funnel.

Another key area of opportunity is the ability to measure intent. Consumers who are unsure of their diagnosis will have to visit a health practitioner.

This somewhat fragmented user journey is the another solid reason a store visit metric will be beneficial to measure advertising performance.

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