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Search query mining is the leading production task for digital marketing analysts to help drive better quality traffic to a website.

What is search query mining?

Search query mining is a production task where you select keywords in google ads and analyze the queries those keywords show up in auction.

Why Search Query Mine?

  1. It is the best way to drive your overall cost down
  2. It helps identify search terms and keywords that may have higher intent
  3. Developing your negative keyword list becomes proprietary to your account.
  4. The negative keyword list can be transferred to new campaigns.

If you couldn’t tell already, search query mining is not only valuable but extremely necessary.

learning how this fits into the bigger picture around optimizing a paid search account.

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I love to help my readers be better marketers. In an effort to help get you started with search query mining here is a fast “how to”.

search query mining
Select your search keywords and then click “search terms”

Time needed: 2 hours and 30 minutes.

How to search query mine

  1. Navigate to the campaign

    Identify the campaign you want to optimize first

  2. Identify the keywords

    Select the keywords you want to analyze

  3. Filter your selection

    Filter the search queries by spend, impressions, etc

  4. Select the search queries

    Select the queries you would like to negate or keep

  5. Add negative keywords

    Add the selected queries to your negative keyword list

Once you search query mined once or twice you will begin to learn what traffic truly drives the best performance for your business.

I hope that this article either inspires you or your team to actively manage your paid search account.

If this is an area where you would like further guidance reach out today to learn how Lambos Digital could work for you.

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