is a review platform for agencies and businesses who are seeking to do B2B.

Since my agency relies heavily on B2B I thought I would share some light on why getting reviews on this platform is so important.

I started my business in November 2019 and in just a couple months managed to get real successful reviews from my current clients. You can view my reviews on clutch’s page for Top PPC Management Companies in Charlotte.

Do not sleep on this platform!

I recently had a client who reached out to me for my services who was not interested in finding a “large” agency. Seeing as I focus mainly on small businesses we both found a liking to each other.

The ease of validating my reviews on clutch enabled her to find my services out of state and in Charlotte.

I was pleasantly surprised by this having just started getting reviews on the platform within the past month.

What are key benefits of using is easy to use and generate real reviews for your business. This helps prospective customers build trust in your services

How do I get reviews on

You could send your current clients a review link or add them as a referral where Clutch will do the heavy lifting and reach out on your behalf.

I would recommend clutch to any new business owner looking to grow their brand in a local market.

You can check out our PPC Services and reviews on the Lambos Digital profile.

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