Have you seen a decline in overall traffic to your business?

It is almost inevitable that your local restaurant or retail business is suffering heavy losses. Whether you have successfully pivoted the business to embrace delivery and online ordering. It is apparent that many businesses are down relative to January to March of this year.

Our agency has had a pretty amazing pulse on the different verticals that were impacted due to stay-at-home restrictions. We were able to help recommend and maintain digital media strategies across healthcare, automotive, hospitality, and financial services.

Despite the breadth of industries we were exposed to there was one common tend amongst them all.

Facebook reach and efficiency improved substantially.

CPMs Declined Week over Week

Covid 19 Facebook CPM impact week over week 2020
Facebook Avg CPM Week over Week Jan-May 2020

It is pretty clear that the impact of Covid has forced businesses to reduce their expenses and media budgets over the course of covid-19. This impact however, should not be taken negatively.

If your business is planning to re-open, there are opportunities like these to expand your local footprint and take advantage of overall efficiency in platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Ensure you are managing your Facebook campaigns efficiently with these best practices.

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