What is White Label PPC?

White labeling is the process of hiring a service vendor for a core service or product you sell. In the PPC (pay-per-click) world this entails hiring an outside marketing agency to execute on your PPC accounts.

This is important for agencies that are considering themselves “full service” but lack the proper execution to deliver on PPC advertising.

After a few years of building our client base at Lambos Digital we realized many client’s have experiences poor PPC execution from previous vendors who were charging a significant amount of money for lackluster management and execution.

This poor performance plagues the industry and leaves many business owners with a bad taste for investing in Google Ads.

In addition to meeting business owners with bad agency experiences we have also seen the impact this has on their understanding of what it takes to execute PPC at a really high level.

Why Agencies and Enterprises Should Hire A White Label PPC Service.

In order to build a successful PPC program you must find experts who understand not only the subject matter but the commitment to building a successful PPC account.

Many amateur accounts and “DIY” businesses understand that fundamentally anyone can set up a PPC account via Google Ads, Bing, or Gemini. However, scaling and growing those accounts take time and fundamental knowledge.

Hiring an outside agency with knowledge and experience will further expedite the overall timeline it takes to succeed digitally. Success is measured by overall ROAS, CPA efficiency, and scalability.

The Best Paid Search Methodology

Depending on the agency, there are hundreds of opinions about how to manage a paid search account the “best” way. We actually cover our best paid search methodology for our readers.

Hiring an agency to operationalize against your Google Ads account is extremely easy to ensure high performance when they have a concrete process and system already in place to succeed.

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