Anybody Could Run Facebook Ads

In today’s digital first environment anyone could run Facebook ads however, many advertisers including agencies still run highly in-efficient campaigns.

You are probably thinking “How does a professional agency lack the ability to run efficient campaigns in Facebook?” Before you start blaming your agency for poor performance let us try to give you all the context first.

The Facebook Ad Manager Is Cumbersome

First off, Facebook doesn’t do the best job at designer their ad manager for advertising success. Contrary to the intricacies of Google Ads, Facebook is a much more simple interface.

Although the simplicity of the interface may seem great for amateur advertisers and individuals the actual implementation and best practice is actually much more of a professional art.

Common Issues That Lead To Inefficient Campaigns

1. Over targeting

It often is very common for advertisers to think they “know more” than the machine learning technology built behind Facebook’s pixel.

Think about it, Facebook spends millions of dollars on their pixel and auction dynamics. If you over target you are most likely limiting the audience your ad could show for.

Understanding the auction dynamics is key to implementing campaigns that optimize for the proper audience and reach.

2. The Learning Phase

Another common issue with Facebook Ad management is that to the average advertiser or novice. Facebook doesn’t do the best job at educating how the whole campaign fully optimizes towards efficiency and high performing results.

This usually leads users to continue to edit their campaigns. The more you tamper with the campaign and publish this often keeps the campaign in “learning phase” which could restrict performance.

3. Campaign Actions

You should always consider what your campaigns are optimizing for. Facebook has set up their pixel and auction to work together to produce the correct action intended for your advertising.

There is a big difference between capturing content view vs actual shopping behavior. Advertisers have a lot of control whether their campaign should be set up for awareness, consideration, and conversions.

facebook campaign objectives
Facebook Campaign Objectives

Measuring For Efficiency

Finding a balance in overall campaign strategy is important for your measuring efficiency. It is easy to have campaigns run away with high CPMs and overall cost per conversion.

The key is finding a balanced strategy that helps capture overall reach and conversions. Maintaining a strategy that leans too heavily on re marketing or prospecting could hurt your overall performance.

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