Just start off with some fun talk around why marketing is so important for your business and then we will teach you all about the marketing funnel.

If you don’t market, how are customers going to learn about your brand?

Gotta love those facebook boosts

Seriously though, marketing is extremely important for the growth of your brand and scaling your business. If you are looking for a roadmap to scale your business get our free marketing growth plan

What Is a Marketing Funnel?

The funnel helps brands conceptualize each step of a user’s journey to conversion, providing guidelines to all questions that may arise when creating media plans specific to business goals:

  • why they want to advertise
  • what they want to accomplish
  • how to execute
  • who to target
  • when to promote
the marketing funnel
The marketing funnel

Breaking Down The Marketing Funnel

As it may sound, brand awareness helps customer learn about your brand and become aware of your business.

brand awareness

Brand Awareness & Equity

  • Purpose – Consumers need to be aware of a brand’s product or service before they can consider purchasing
  • Execution Tactics – Get the brand’s messaging in front of as many qualified users as possible
  • Industries – CPG, Entertainment, Retail, FinServe, Alcoholic Beverages, Travel, Automotive, QSR, Restaurants, Service, Hospitality
Let your prospects know who you are!

Consideration, Intent, & Engagement

  • Purpose – Consideration of your brand when a consumer is in the market for your goods or services
  • Execution Tactics – Gather further interaction from qualified audiences, such as clicks to a website, event signups, and leads.
  • Industries – Retail, Entertainment, Travel, FinServe
consideration, intent, and engagement


  • Purpose – Driving Real-time, attribution sales, downloads, bookings, or any other tangible conversion
  • Execution Tactics – Targeting the most qualified audiences with strong call to action to buy.
  • Industries – Retail, FinServe, Travel
marketing funnel action

Do I still have your attention?

Optimizing your funnel isn’t a funnel if your target audience is not taking the desired action for your business!

So now that you have a great understand of the marketing funnel. Let’s start to dive into the platforms, products & KPIs.

Platforms, Products & KPIs

When you are aligning your marketing funnel with your business goals it makes it very important to work backwards from business outcomes.

This is a process where you really have to ask yourself what does success look like?

Brand Awareness Platforms & KPIs

  • Platforms – TV, Facebook, Instagram, Google (GDN), Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon (Display)
  • Ad Products – FB Link Ads, Carousel, Video, Banner Ads, Snap Ads, Bumper/In-stream, Photo/Video, Pins
  • KPIs – Delivery Metrics (CPM), Ad Recall/Attention metrics

Consideration and Intent Platforms & KPIs

  • Platforms – Facebook, Google (CDN, Search), Pinterest, Amazon (Search, Display), Amazon OTT Advertising
  • Ad Products – Lead Generation Ads, Carousels, Link Ads, Video (Feed/Stories), Collections, Photo Pins
  • KPIs – Performance Indicator Metrics (CPC, CTR, CPL, CVR)

Action Platforms & KPIs

  • Platforms – Facebook, Google & Amazon (Search)
  • Ad Products – Facebook Lead Ads, Link Clicks, Carousels, Google Search, DPA, Collections, GDN Website Retargeting
  • KPIs – Revenue, ROAS, Conversion Rate, CPA

Now that you are an expert at marketing funnels its time for one last celebratory gif.

Go get those marketing funnels created!

Closing Statements

Building a Marketing Funnel is not an overnight success.

It will take time, effort, testing, and iterating to find the right mix of channels, creative, and conversions.

Our methodology at Lambos Digital is to continue to iterate and optimize to achieve marketing success.

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