What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing is the leading digital strategy to capture demand digitally through the use of a search engine. Search engine marketing includes the combination of SEO and PPC. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Improving how search engines index and read your website. This includes how your website will rank if Google's search results. Paid … Continue reading What is Search Engine Marketing?

Best Paid Search Methodology

In reality no one, agency, individual, or even Google can guarantee performance in paid search. However, with a proper paid search methodology there is a higher chance for success through analysis and optimization. I've been iterating on a step-by-step guide to help clients, co-workers, and teams improve their ability to understand how to effectively manage … Continue reading Best Paid Search Methodology

The 5 Step Guide to User Research

User research can take the form of both unmoderated and moderated usability tests. User research can also utilize a number of other research methodologies to pull quantitative and qualitative insights that can later be leveraged during the design process. Conducting user research is central nowadays as creating ever-lasting experiences that seamlessly captivate your target audience … Continue reading The 5 Step Guide to User Research

Best Account Structure For Google Ads

It is very important to consider what your account structure will be in Google Ads before launching an account. What is account structure? The account structure is the strategy and layout of your campaigns, ad groups, and keywords in Google Ads. Having a very organized and structured account will help with a few key areas. … Continue reading Best Account Structure For Google Ads

How to Get More Conversions in Google Ads

There is no surprise that Google has become a necessity for many businesses looking to grow their conversions. Whether you are shopping for new clothes, diagnosing a simple cold, or planning your next meal. Google’s search results page has become the most important place for companies to capture their consumers. How do we get more … Continue reading How to Get More Conversions in Google Ads