Solving For Quality Score

Solving for quality score can be a widely misunderstood area for paid search specialists. Why is quality score important? Quality score is a key metric Google's auction will use to determine your position in the search results. This widely mis-understood metric is considered the "secret sauce" for the Google's Ad platform. Google Ads provides four … Continue reading Solving For Quality Score

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing is the leading digital strategy to capture demand digitally through the use of a search engine. Search engine marketing includes the combination of SEO and PPC. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Improving how search engines index and read your website. This includes how your website will rank if Google's search results. Paid … Continue reading What is Search Engine Marketing?

Best Paid Search Methodology

In reality no one, agency, individual, or even Google can guarantee performance in paid search. However, with a proper paid search methodology there is a higher chance for success through analysis and optimization. I've been iterating on a step-by-step guide to help clients, co-workers, and teams improve their ability to understand how to effectively manage … Continue reading Best Paid Search Methodology

The 5 Step Guide to User Research

User research can take the form of both unmoderated and moderated usability tests. User research can also utilize a number of other research methodologies to pull quantitative and qualitative insights that can later be leveraged during the design process. Conducting user research is central nowadays as creating ever-lasting experiences that seamlessly captivate your target audience … Continue reading The 5 Step Guide to User Research