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Grow Your Conversion Funnel

Leverage Google Ads to drive qualified online and offline revenue. Our methodology helps increase overall conversions and leads that ultimately grow your sales.

Paid Search

Pay-per-click (PPC), search engine advertising, or sponsored listings.

Paid search marketing is the one of the most intent-based marketing channel. The most popular being Google Ads. Line up your customer’s intent with a personalized ad and landing experience.

Paid search enables a business or e commerce store to be found online immediately and when their target customer is shopping.

Whether you have tried paid search advertising before or are looking for a seasoned team to manage your account. We have proven case studies and results whether that is driving overall efficiency, conversions, leads, and more.

Paid Search vs. Organic Search: What is the Difference?

A query on Google, Bing, or any other search engine will generate two very different types of results: the “paid search” results and the “organic search” results.

Organic search implies the search results that are available based on the query the user inputs. This result is ranked through Google’s algorithm and determines which websites have the “authority” on a specific query and topic. Ranking organically takes time and requires a detailed SEO strategy in order to effectively capture backlinks and authority to rank on the first page of Google’s results.

Building a successful SEO strategy and content strategy takes time and sweat equity. Whether thats conducting routine technical SEO audits on your website (In order to stay up to date with the ever changing Google Algorithm). While also generating content and backlink authority. ie. writing articles and distributing those articles to audiences online through social channels and other media outlets. The bottom line…. SEO is very time intensive with no exact guarantee you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Paid search ads allow a business to capture demand on SEO topics and capture intent that would otherwise be near impossible without substantial SEO investments. PPC ads are the best way to immediately capture demand based on target keywords.

Why Your Business Will Benefit From Paid Search

So, what’s the best media strategy for your business?

Our best recommended approach is to build a comprehensive keyword research strategy. Outlining the ideal account structure that aligns with both your business goals and your target user’s intent. Once this is complete, we outline the proper budget required to capture conversions and optimize.

Since paid search allows you to target queries with pinpoint accuracy it enables your funnel to better predict performance. In some cases, we’ve seen paid search supplement SEO listings to better capture “leakage” that may occur by stacking SEO traffic with a paid search ad. This is common for brands that also advertise for their brand terms. In markets that are very competitive this becomes very important to maintain and defend your search landscape.

Paid search provides control over the data generated within the Google Ads platform. The number of impressions, clicks, cost per click, etc. You will have the ability to control the landing page url, the max cpc, and you are willing to bid for your traffic.

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